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Chapter 116: Super nanny


The Water Moon Slash’s powerful damage instant killed the archer without a doubt.  I couldn’t help sighing.  Although his archer had been very skilled in his positioning, his intelligence couldn’t compare to Ling Xue, so with just a few words, he was tricked and was doomed to fall.


With a sound, the leather armour bracer of the archer fell to the ground.  Ling Xue immediately revealed a smile and said, “Che!  I thought that he was some expert, but he’s only at this level!”

Ling Yue snappily said, “You’re talking!”

Ling Xue gave that leather bracer to Zi Yue and said with a smile, “This is called tactics, otherwise swordsmen don’t have any long range skills.  I couldn’t have won at all, I could only rely on a surprise attack.”

I revealed a smile, “Right, right, I also think that Ling Xue used this move well!”

Ling Xue immediately said to me in a proud voice, “Hee, hee, these words are intelligent!  Little fool, do you think that my tactics are good  Would it work if I used them on you”

I was surprised.  It had to be said, if these tactics were used on me, it definitely wouldn’t succeed.  My intelligence was a bit higher than that archer, but if Ling Xue used another method, I would have lost!

There was a beautiful scene that appeared in my mind.

Ling Xue came in front of me and raised her young girl’s peaks as she said with a smile, “Let me cut you twice and I’ll kiss you, alright”

There was no doubt that facing this young beauty’s figure and sweet smile, I wouldn’t be able to resist that tempting scene at all.  I definitely would have been instantly killed!

“Hey, this fellow, what are you doing!”

Ling Xue pulled my arm and pulled me back to reality.

I quickly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, “That…..Nothing, let’s keep leveling!”

Ling Xue looked at me before whispering in my ear with a smile, “Little fool, do you think my figure’s better or Zi Yue’s”

I looked down and I couldn’t help seeing the snow white flesh under Ling Xue’s armour.  Those proud peaks gave off a suffocating feel and the lower part of her armour revealed a pair of snow white legs.  It really made one’s mouth turn dry.

I couldn’t help taking a breath before hesitantly saying, “This…..Let’s talk after logging off, it isn’t good if everyone can hear…..”

Ling Xue’s beautiful eyes looked around before she gave a chuckle, “Un, also, you think that you’re not allowed to look at Zi Yue.  Humph, humph, if I see it again…..”

I said, “What looking at her!”

After saying this, I looked at the turbulent waves on Zi Yue’s chest and didn’t want to leave.  This little girl Zi Yue, she might have been a pig in her past life!


So everyone continued leveling.

Although our team had two kiting fellows (Zi Yue and Summer), the leveling speed was quite fast.  There was no other way, the Ling sisters were very powerful and adding in the attacks from my, Quiet Rain Fall, and Bing Cha, the full HP Scarlet Eyed Sand Alligator would be beaten down.  It would die in just less than two minutes and our experience bars would soar.

Around nine in the evening, I reached level 41 and after another three hours, I reached level 41.  Ling Yue also reached level 51, Ling Xue and Bing Cha reached level 46, and Zi Yue and Summer both gained a level.

Ling Xue revealed a dazzling smile as she said, “This place really is good for leveling!  If we found this earlier, I might have reached the top rankings already……”

I said, “If we found it earlier, we might have been killed by the Elite Monsters here……”

Ling Yue revealed a faint smile, “Right, right!”

Ling Xue pursed her lips in an unhappy manner, “Big sister isn’t helping me at all…..”

Ling Yue laughed before saying, “I want to formally announce to everyone that we’ll be recording all of the studio’s official business tomorrow.  I will draw up a table and when everyone logs off, they can write their gains and experience gains in the day.  If there are equipment that are sold, write down the amount and the price.  We’ll be taking 10% for the studio’s operation funds, does anyone have any objections to this”

Ling Xue and I looked at each other with smiles before nodding, “Of course not.”

Bing Cha said, “This is for the best, at least there will be some order in our lives.”

Rain Fall also said with a smile, “Approved.”

Zi Yue and Summer were ignored.  The two girls had red faces as they wanted to express their opinion, but Ling Yue stretched herself out and said, “Everyone get something to eat and prepare to sleep……”

At this time, Ling Xue looked in the distance in surprise and said, “Yi!  Look over there, it seems like there’s a large alligator!”

Everyone followed Ling Xue’s gaze to see a fire red giant alligator squatting in the water.  Only the top half of its body was revealed, but it was already very big.  There was a red glow over its armour and its ice cold eyes were looking around, not blinking at all.

I immediately used my Star Eyes to look over and obtain its stats.

[Flame Alligator Beast] (Gold Grade Boss)

Level: 65

Attack: 620-850

Defense: 450

HP: 5500000

Attack type: Poison attacks

Additional skills: Petrifying attacks


I couldn’t help being a bit surprised.  I quickly posted the stats of the alligator boss in the team chat and Ling Yue revealed a shocked expression.  Ling Xue’s mouth opened wide and Bing Cha looked at me before muttering, “This…..We don’t have a cleric, should we fight it”

Everyone knew that with an attack that reached 850, a single attack would be able to take half of mine and Bing Cha’s HP.  Ling Xue might be able to take an extra hit, but without a cleric healing us, there was no chance that our team would win.

I immediately opened my friends list and saw that Purple Rhyme had already logged off.  I suddenly missed this gentle little cleric.

Ling Yue thought about it before saying with a smile, “Let’s log off and rest first, we’ll get up early tomorrow.  Un, we’ll call a few cleric friends over, that way it’ll be safer.  If we die now, it would be a pity.  Moreover, this place is very remote, it’s quite far from Sunset City, so other than that team that we PKed a few hours ago, no one else will come here.  As for that team just now, there’s only death if they fight this boss~”

The girls all agreed, so we all returned to the city to log off.

When I came back, I repaired my equipment and filled up on potions before logging off, planning to finally rest at a normal time for once.

After taking off the helmet, I let out a sigh.  I had gained quite a bit today in the game, not only did I finish the Dragon Whisperer promotion quest, I had also leveled with the girls of the studio, gaining two levels.  I believed that it wouldn’t be a problem to reach level 45 tomorrow and when I get the Dark Gold Roaring Flame Spear then, humph, humph, I’ll go cause trouble for Fated Madman!

When I came out of the room and came to the living room, I saw Ling Yue heading to the bathroom holding some clothes.

My sweaty body felt quite awkward and I also wanted to take a shower, but I could only wait in the living room.  I turned on the TV and watched a drama with Ling Xue.

That drama was very silly.  The female lead ran off with another man and said that it was to keep the male lead safe, but that male lead shouted, “Xiao Li!  How can I live without you  Quickly come back, without you…..I will die!”

Ling Xue and Bing Cha were very moved watching this, but I was speechless.  I almost spat out my iced tea.

Ling Xue angrily said, “Little fool, do you not have any feelings at all  Look at how touching this is…..”

I said, “My goosebumps are already out, it can’t be that you want to be so moved that my tears come out, right”

Ling Xue angrily threw a pillow at my chest, “You idiot!”

Bing Cha secretly laughed on the side while covering her mouth.

After a while, Ling Yue finally came out.  In order to save time, Zi Yue and Summer took a twenty minutes shower together, Bing Cha and Rain Fall took a half an hour shower together.  Finally there was only me and Ling Xue left in the living room.

When I was hesitating on whether to tease her or now, who would have thought that Ling Xue would say to me with a naughty smile, “Little fool, should we shower together as well”

I was very excited, “Is it appropriate”

Ling Xue pursed her lips into a smile, “Idiot, of course not!  Big sister will throw you downstairs to feed the mosquitoes!”

After saying this, Ling Xue went to shower with a smile.  With the sound of the water, I fell into my imagination again.

When Ling Xue came out, I had actually fallen asleep on the sofa.  After leveling for several days, I was lacking sleep, so this was expected.

When I was deep asleep, my drool was about to drip out.  Ling Xue shook me away and said in a soft voice, “Little fool, go shower and then sleep……”

I looked up to find Ling Xue sitting beside me, only covered in a bath towel.  The young girl’s figure was suffocating.  Her twin peaks could be faintly seen and her legs revealed under the bath towel had a holy glow to it, making one unable to stop their heart from jumping out.  I immediately swallowed my saliva and my eyes popped out.

Seeing me look at her in a daze, Ling Xue suddenly gave a laugh, “Fool!  Stop looking and go shower!”

After saying this, Ling Xue returned to her room.  Her butt was tightly wrapped in that towel, making one wish that the towel would suddenly fall off, that way…...

I almost had a nosebleed as I quickly headed to the bathroom.

After simply washing up and feeling refreshed, it was already two when I returned to my room.  I felt that I couldn’t sleep, so I watched the stars outside my room.

My thoughts went through the years.  Although it had once been brilliant, now I finally had a group of companions.  The girls of the Xue Yue Studio were good to me, so as the only man in the studio, it would be up to me to protect them.

Looking out, I had unknowingly fallen asleep.

When I woke up, the sun hit my eyes, so I pulled the blinds closed before sleeping for another hour.  Finally I was woken up by the sounds of the girls outside.  It had to be said, these girls really were strong, they could laugh like this early in the morning.

When I got up, I found that the girls outside were all looking messy, completely ignoring me as a man.  The worst ones were Zi Yue and Summer, not even putting on underwear and coming out to eat breakfast in their pyjamas, revealing their figures under those thin pyjamas.

I tried my best not to look because I could feel killing intent in Ling Yue and Ling Yue’s eyes.  Bing Cha and Rain Fall were as calm as water, eating their bread.  They calmly looked at us and said, “What are you looking at, could it be that you haven’t seen it already”

Ling Xue glared at me and ate her bread before saying in a voice filled with killing intent, “Zi Yue!  Summer!  When you come out in the future, you have to wear underwear!  That is the new rule for the studio!”

Zi Yue asked in a silly voice, “Why”

Ling Xue almost exploded, but I quickly grabbed her hand and said, “That, it’s for your own good.  We’re afraid that you’ll catch a cold……”

Zi Yue said, “Oh, it’s fine, I’m very healthy!”

I gave a sigh into the sky, “God!  Zi Yue, you really are too dumb…..”

After that tense breakfast was over, everyone returned to their own rooms.

When I logged on, I appeared by the east gate.  Not far away from me Ling Yue had logged on and looked around before going to buy potions.

I opened up my friends list and was happy to find that Purple Rhyme was on.  I immediately called her and asked with a smile, “Beauty Rhyme, good morning!”

Purple Rhyme gave a soft laugh, “Handsome little brother Bookworm, are you looking for me to level or fight”

I couldn’t help being secretly surprised, “Beauty Rhyme is really intelligent!”

Purple Rhyme snappily said, “Humph!  It’s not that I’m intelligent, it’s that why would you be looking for me other than those two things…..”

I gave an awkward laugh, “That, today I want to fight a boss with you and after we finish, you can level with our Xue Yue Studio, it’ll go very fast!”

Purple Rhyme said with a smile, “Alright, invite me to your team!  I’ll go buy some potions and set off immediately!”

Several minutes later, the team gathered.

Purple Rhyme joining our team had greatly increased our healing power.  After all, the level 44 Purple Rhyme was already considered a cleric with super heals!  In the entire Sunset City, there were few clerics with the same amount of healing as her.

In the game, healers were called nannies.  When I looked at Purple Rhyme’s chest, I secretly thought that the genius who came up with this name really was right!

After Summer saw Purple Rhyme, she was shocked.  She came over to me and said, “Big brother Bookworm, are there any girls that you know that aren’t beauties”

I calmly said, “Of course, it’s not just one.”


“Of course it’s your excellency…..”


“Wu, wu, wu, you’re so bad, I’m clearly also a beauty!”


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