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Even though Master Blue Empyrean did not give any details in his message via communication talisman, he did tell Wang Wei that the loosening of the Sealed Devil\'s Entrance could prove to be a fortuitous opportunity for him.

If he was lucky, Wang Weis strength could significantly increase, and it might even help him to breakthrough to Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm before the Vientiane World\'s Fortune Gates successorship ceremony!

Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm! Ambition sparkled in Wang Wei\'s eyes as he said with determination.

If he could breakthrough to Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm, would he fear Zhu Feng Or even Huang Xiaolong!

Once he breaks through to Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm, the Vientiane World\'s Fortune Gates Chief position was his for certain!

He had no worries even if Zhu Yi were to support Zhu Feng, or Golden Brow and Blood Knife were to support Huang Xiaolong for that position.

The Vientiane World\'s Fortune Gate had another rule that stated that as long as an emperor rank godhead disciple breaks through to high-level Ancestor God Realm, he would be the next Fortune Gates Chief, uncontested.

Wait until I become the Fortune Gates Chief; it would be easy to deal with Huang Xiaolong.

And Zhu Feng was no threat to him anymore.

Wang Wei\'s figure blurred into indistinct black wisps of smoke on the vast space, as he accelerated and flew towards the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

Although Ancestor God Realm masters could perform Great Space Teleportation, it greatly consumed godforce at his current strength.

Thus, under normal circumstances, he would either fly or teleport over short distance only. 

On another side, Huang Xiaolongs group was also speeding to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

Under Huang Xiaolongs urging, the little cow sprinted madly on her four legs as fast as she could, as if she was in a million mile speed race.

In the dark space, the little cow turned into a streak of purple lightning with Huang Xiaolong on her back.

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, Gui Yi and others followed behind without any sense of hurry.

In the recent days, void devil beast Xu Baishengs strength had recovered significantly and so had his cultivation.

His cultivation had increased from the Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm to peak mid-Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm, just half a step to return to late-Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm.

Without the Burning Purgatory Magical Formations suppression, Xu Baishengs growth was extremely speedy, as if he had eaten growth fertilizer.

Based on Xu Baishengs current recovery speed, it wouldnt take him long to return to Tenth Order, late-Tenth Order, and peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm!

After several days of flying at full speed, Huang Xiaolong decided to rest for a day on a barren planet in the distance, before resuming their journey.

The moment her front hooves touched the ground, the little cow panted dramatically, “This cow is exhausted to death.” 

Huang Xiaolong grinned and teased, “You can be exhausted to death” As he said this, he threw a healing pill to the little cow.

The little cow opened her mouth and swallowed the pill.

When the pill was in her mouth, she rolled her eyes at Huang Xiaolong and retorted, “Havent you heard of the saying that the cow dies of exhaustion from plowing the land.”

Huang Xiaolong had no words to retort.

“Forget it, what can I do when Ive decided to follow you.

It seems like in this life, this cow is fated to rush everywhere.” The little cow blinked her eyes, glistening with crocodile tears.

Goosebumps ran down Huang Xiaolongs arms.

He randomly picked a spot and sat down.

He had Feng Er and others layout a concealing formation around them, then everyone began cultivating.

Huang Xiaolong swallowed twenty pellets of Sky King Buddha Dragon Holy Pill, Dark Devil Sea Divine Pill, and Ninth-Layer Moon Tyrant Divine Pill; a total of sixty pills simultaneously.

Despite his True Dragon Physique, it was a painful experience swallowing sixty chaos spiritual pills simultaneously at his current strength.

But he couldnt care much about it.

He needed to raise his strength as fast as possible.

Even if it involved almost unbearable pain, he would endure and persist.

As sixty chaos spiritual pills entered Huang Xiaolong\'s body, they immediately melted into three ocean of frenzied energies, rushing to every corner of his body.

Pangs of pain came from his internal organs as the three oceans of energies rushed back and forth.

He endured the sharp pain all over his body as he circulated his godforce according to the Grandmist Parasitic Medium. 

At the same time, the three oceans of energies were devoured by his three supreme godheads.

Even though his three supreme godheads devouring speed was terrifying, the three oceans of energies were simply boundless.

Huang Xiaolong felt like he was about to be torn apart from within.

The four divine fires emitted ripples of fiery light as they swallowed the gray chaos energy gushing out from the void, protecting Huang Xiaolongs internal organs.

The Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell hovered above his three supreme godheads, raining down moon essence energy.

At a point, even the Yellow Springs Magic Robe unfolded behind Huang Xiaolong.

The devil qi from it expanded and shrunk, as it greedily devoured the gray chaos spiritual energy from the void.

Huang Xiaolong did not know how much time had passed, when the pain all over his body finally reduced, as the three oceans of energies gradually weakened.

A day later, Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes.

Feng Er, Gui Yi, and others anxious faces entered his sight.

Huang Xiaolong realized that they were worried about him, hence he gave them a reassuring smile and stood up.

He stretched his arms and neck, feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Although he still hadnt broken through to the Eighth Order Ancient God Realm, he was close, two months at most.

Huang Xiaolong once again summoned the Yellow Springs Magic Robe.

When he checked the robe, he discovered that many of the robes magic symbols were more spirited.

The little cow had told him that the magic robe could nourish itself, therefore, he was not surprised. 

These days of nourishment with the gray chaos spiritual energy, not only the magic symbols on the magic robe seemed more spirited, but its power had risen a little as well.

Of course, such power improvement was limited.

To repair the Yellow Springs Magic Robe needed extreme yin element materials and the Devil Worlds devil holy water.

Huang Xiaolong did not immediately set off after he retreated from his cultivation, instead he began refining the two items he had received from his Masters.

Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor had already removed their soul imprint from the Golden Divine Armor and Sky Dragon Blood Knife, which made it easier for Huang Xiaolong to refine them.

Still, this couldnt be done within a day or two.

Huang Xiaolong knew he couldnt rush it and wasnt in a rush either.

The group set off once again after two days.

Huang Xiaolongs group continued flying at full speed for several days, then rested on an uninhabited planet once again.

Roughly one month later, he successfully refined the Golden Divine Armor and Sky Dragon Blood Knife.

Several days after that, Huang Xiaolongs group passed through the barrier to Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

They had finally arrived.

This time, the startling devil qi, death qi, and nefarious qi in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield actually gave Huang Xiaolong a close and familiar feeling.

His Archdevil Supreme Godheads devouring power roared, and the devil qi, death qi, and nefarious qi rushed into his body from his surroundings.

Tiny ribbons of lightning crackled from the little cows golden horns as she absorbed the spiritual energy from the space.

Although the void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, Gui Yi, and others cultivation technique enabled them to refine the devil qi, death qi, and nefarious qi, they needed to exert more effort compared to Huang Xiaolong. 

Huang Xiaolong flew in the direction of the Wind Domain World as he continued absorbing three kinds of qi from his surroundings.

A few days later, a brilliant light suddenly sparked from his body, and at the same time powerful pressure swept outwards, sending the surrounding devil qi roiling backwards.

Finally, he had broke through to the Eighth Order Ancient God Realm!

When the conditions are right, success naturally follows.


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